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Updated 4 Oct 2019

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The Work of Living Hope Ministries

On 19 October, we celebrated 25 years of Living Hope Ministries. Please pray with us as we move on after this very special milestone.

God bless you
Richard and Elaine

25th Anniversary Newsletter. Image of Cover. Click to download PDF.

Download the 25 year Celebration Newsletter

Living Hope Ministries is the work of Richard and Elaine Brunton. The work began in response to the call of God following a trip to Africa in 1994. As a result, they began this ministry to build the church through equipping and supporting pastors and leaders, both in the UK and overseas.

Today, Living Hope consists of a team of people in the UK and various other countries. Living Hope Ministries continues building the church in the UK and overseas. This is through prayer, visits and website resources, etc. On this website you will find Radio Programmes, Podcasts written Bible studies in various languages and Video Bible Studies in English. We pray that you will use these and be greatly blessed.

We are constantly updating our website with additional resources. The latest radio programmes can be found highlighted on this homepage as soon as they are published. There is an extensive back catalogue, which can be found by following the Radio option in the menu above. Living Hope Ministries has a YouTube video channel, which can be found via the "Follow us" link which appears on every page. The video Bible studies that are available on our channel can also be viewed directly on this website by following the Videos link on the menu above.

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We pray that God's purposes will be fulfilled, and that His guidance will be followed. Support is greatly appreciated, through prayer and finance. One of the many things Living Hope Ministries do is make bibles available. Please stand with us as we seek to build the Church of Jesus in some of the needier parts of the world.

If you would like to help, or would like more information, please email us by clicking on the contact link.

Hope in Christ Trust Serving Living Hope Ministries is a charity registered in England & Wales No: 1045876