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Updated 5 Aug 2020

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Bible Studies


Hebrews 1

The letter of Hebrews is written to Christians who are scattered in various places and there is a very clear message to those who are familiar with Jewish practices and customs, to see how Christ is the ultimate sacrifice for sin. There is a lot of debate about who God used to write this letter and there is certainly an argument to say that the apostle Paul is the author. However, the most important thing is that it is God’s word to His people!

God Speaks

In the Old Testament, God spoke through the prophets and through His law but the ultimate message of God is seen in the arrival upon earth of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son. Jesus is described as God, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit created the world. Everything points to Christ and to his glory!

Jesus, the Glory of God

In the Lord Jesus, we have a perfect picture of God, His glory, His character and His power. Jesus is the one who deals with man’s greatest problem, which is sin. The power of sin is destroyed as the Lord Jesus overcomes sin, the devil and death. Having completed the work of salvation, Jesus sits at the right hand of God. He sits because the work is finished. Nothing else needs to be done to overcome sin. Jesus has triumphed!

Jesus and Angels

The writer honours angels and they most certainly play a significant role in the purposes of God. Angels worship God. Angels serve God and they assist us - the saints - in order that we should fulfil God’s plans for our lives. They are exceptional beings and have exceptional powers. However, Jesus is far above the angels. His name is above every name. His relationship to Father God is a unique relationship. This intimacy and seamless working together means that, as Jesus said, "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father." (John 14:9)

The Throne of God

God is Sovereign and Almighty. His rule is never interrupted and He is totally righteous. His Kingdom is a kingdom of purity, where sin has no place. God, who rules from His throne is an eternal God. Long before the earth was made, God was making His plans and achieving His purposes. A key part of those plans was that Jesus would come to this earth, live a sinless life, offer himself upon the cross, take the punishment for sin, defeat the devil, satisfy the wrath of God, rise from the dead and return to heaven to sit at God’s right hand as a triumphant, glorious Saviour. One day, all of his enemies will bow at his feet and acknowledge that he is the Lord of lords and the King of kings!

Points to Consider:
  1. It is so good to think of Jesus as being the final word. How should we present the Gospel in the light of this truth?
  2. We must be unashamed in declaring that Jesus is God and the exact representation of His nature. Do we preach that?
  3. What do you see the role of angels to be and how is Jesus different to the angels?
  4. Consider the throne of God. What is unique about it? Reflect that one day you and I will see that throne and worship the One who is Jesus, the Lamb of God!
  5. Salvation is on God’s heart. How much is it on our hearts to convey this great salvation to a lost world?

God bless you!
Richard Brunton

Bible Study: Hebrews 1

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