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Updated 5 Aug 2020

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Bible Studies


Hebrews 10

This chapter calls us to focus upon the once and for all sacrifice of Jesus and its total sufficiency for us. We also find in these verses a very clear call to preserver in our faith and trust in God. There are strong warnings about deliberate sin but we also are encouraged by those who have kept going despite enormous difficulties as challenges.

The inadequacy of the law

The law states the values and standards that God sets us and required that sacrifices would be offered as a symbol of repentance and a realisation that sin matters, However, this was always never going to be a final solution. This is why Christ needed to come and shed His blood so that there could be a final answer to the problem of our sins. Endless sacrifices were necessary because we keep on sinning but God had planned for the greatest sacrifice of all which would be in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ coming into the world

Christ’s coming was indeed to be a sacrifice but it would be in offering His own body on the cross.  What verses 5 – 10 show us is that the preoccupation of Jesus was to obey the will of God.  Obedience from the heart is what really pleases God.  Christ need to come as man to demonstrate that in a body of flesh He could overcome every temptation and conquer sin.  It is through the obedience of Jesus that our disobedience can be overcome.

Christ our high priest

Jesus sat down at the right hand of God having offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  He is waiting for that time of final judgement when at His feet every need will bow and confess Him as Lord.  The Holy Spirit will apply to the hearts of those who repent and believe in Christ a total regeneration.  This means that we are born again and that what God requires of us is not just external to us but it is actually written into our hearts and lives.  When we receive Christ, there is no longer required a sacrifice for sin.

Drawing near to God

We are able to enter the very Holy presence of God through the blood of Jesus.  We are in a wonderful place compared to those in the Old Testament.  Jesus has made a living way so that we can know the presence of God without fear our consciences are clear from guilt and we have a hope that cannot be denied.

Encouraging one another

We personally can draw near because of Christ’s death and we must encourage others to draw near to God.  Our Christ life is not bound up in liturgy and rules and regulations but rather enjoying the freedom to live in His presence.  This is why we need to meet together to support one another to serve the Lord and to get ready for the time when He will return.

Awareness of judgement

Having received Christ we must be careful to live holy lives.  We see in the scriptures that God is a God of wroth and judgement, therefore we must handle with care the great salvation that Jesus has won for us.  The Lord will judge His people.  God loves us and knows our weaknesses but if we turn our back and affectively ridicule the saving work of Christ we are in a very dangerous place.

Persevering despite suffering

The writer to Hebrews commends those who have stood firm despite persecution, conflict and insults.  He commends those whose treasure is in God and not in their material possessions and he reminds believes that God will always keep His promises.  He warns about those who shrink back and echoes the words of Jesus in Luke 9:62 where Jesus said no one who puts a hand to the plough and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.  Obviously Jesus Himself is our greatest inspiration, He did not give up, he did not look back, and He went to the cross for us.

Points to consider
  1. Do we try to add to what Christ has done to bring about our forgiveness?  We can do nothing to achieve Gods favour.
  2. We are to enjoy the presence of God.  Do we take time to draw near and have quality time with God?
  3. How much do we value coming together as God’s people?
  4. Are we ever careless and are we taking our salvation for granted?
  5. Do we ever consider that we have attitudes which are effectively trampling the Son of God under our feet?
Are we in danger of giving up in our Christian walk or are we resolved to persevere?

God bless you!
Richard Brunton

Bible Study: Hebrewws 10

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