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Updated 4 Mar 2020

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The Lesson of Joseph.

In Genesis we read the story of Joseph. He has received a vision from God, but his brothers are very jealous. He has been sold to slavery, he is falsely accused, but his ability to hear the voice of God is still so strong. He is lifted out of slavery to sit at the right hand of Pharaoh. One day his brothers come to Egypt to buy grain. He recognises them, but they do not recognise him.

The brothers return and then they come back again. This time Joseph reveals himself to them and he makes the statement. He says: "God sent me before you to save your lives by a great deliverance." This is a very powerful statement. Joseph is not seeking revenge, he is not bitter, but he interprets everything that has happened to him to be in God’s sovereign hands.

May God bless you this month and give you His strength and wisdom to perceive His gracious hands watching over your life of ministry.

God bless you!

Richard Brunton

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