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Updated 1 Jul 2019

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We want to keep you updated with missions that have happened, that are about to happen and that are planned for later in the year.

  • The missions to Poland, Rwanda, Tanzania and Romania were all very encouraging and our friendship with leaders in those countries is deepening. 
  • Mike Webb is visiting our friend Andrzej in the Ukraine. This is an exploratory visit.  Pray for Mike and Andrzej as they get to know one another between July 12– 15.
  • Richard and others have substantial commitments making Radio, TV Programmes and Richard is filming eight programmes with Chio to be part of the online Bible School, which we hope to commence in Ecuador, in September this year.
July: First Friday of the Month Prayers

Prayer partners in touch with Living Hope and participating in this Prayer Fellowship:
Australia, Benin, Bosnia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Cyprus, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, Gambia, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Latvia, Liberia, Macedonia, Malawi, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia.

Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the Lord God Almighty will be with you.
(Amos 5:14)

Mission Activity:
Please pray for God's presence as people gather, for His blessing upon the teaching, for safety in travel and for the spiritual effectiveness of all of our mission activity. Pray for God's power and love to be evident, as Scott and his team are in Uganda and upon Mike, as he travels to the Ukraine.

Mission Trips:
June 27th-July 8th - Kenya and Uganda - Scott and team.
July 12th-15th - Ukraine - Mike.

Telephone Seminars:
Weekly/Monthly Seminars - Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan and Uganda.

Our regular media work continues during this month.

Family Concerns and Joys - in the body of Christ:

Please pray for these friends and their families, that God will bless them and provide for all of their needs, as they face particular challenges or changes in their lives:

  • In Pakistan, Rasheed's brother-in-law has had some improvement but still needs our prayers.
  • In Burundi, Eddy and his wife have recovered from Malaria.
  • In Kenya, George is well now but Josiah is suffering from high blood pressure.
  • In Liberia, Emmanuel reports that he is feeling much better and is able to pick up ministry duties again.
  • Sebastien has returned to the Congo to visit his sick mother.
  • Graham, a former Trustee of Living Hope, needs a breakthrough to overcome breathlessness.
  • Phil, a member of our Council of Reference, has managed to get his wife, Anna, home from India where she fell seriously ill. However, it is still a long journey to recovery.
  • The time is drawing near for the birth of Steve and Charlene's baby.
  • Bosnia and the Balkans
    Željko, Lela and Tea need God's wisdom and refreshment, as their workload remains very heavy. Pray that they will hear God's word in their hearts very clearly at this time.
  • Congo
    Isaac would value our prayers to build strong teams in his ministry.
  • India
    SJ's son and daughter have some time at home away from their studies. Pray for a special family time.
    SJ has also resumed preaching after his recent heart attack. Pray for a fresh touch from God upon him.
  • Kenya
    We praise God that the seminar in Mathare went very well and Scott has made a good start to his trip in Africa.
  • Malawi
    Aubrey is preparing new believers for baptism. Please pray for the new believers won for Christ this year, to become committed members of local churches.
  • Poland
    Andrzej has much responsibility for many churches and with the Evangelical Alliance in Poland. Pray for wisdom, as he seeks to bless the churches and his nation.
  • Rwanda
    Please pray for Augustine's team to grow and develop under his leadership. Pray for wisdom as to who might be added to strengthen the team.
  • Sierra Leone
    Emmanuel faces many challenges in his country. Please pray that God will give him great wisdom, as he seeks to develop and grow his ministry and his main church.
  • Tanzania
    Pray for William and Mary, as they look to the Lord to develop their ministry in Tanzania. Pray for William's home church to grow and to be able to send others out into mission.
  • Uganda
    Pray for Peter and Rose, that their friendship with Scott will develop and deepen, that Scott's ministry will be effective among them and that they will see growth in the churches they have planted.
  • Pray also for the Living Hope programme on Lighthouse TV to be anointed and used by God.
  • UK
    Richard and Patrick made their 1,000th Living Hope radio programme recently, which will be broadcast in July. Pray this ministry will be useful, as we recognise the potential to reach millions of people with God's word!

We look forward to our 25th Anniversary celebration on 19 October and our Living Hope BBQ on 5August will start the process of getting ready for this occasion. Please pray, as we prepare to joyfully thank God for His work through Living Hope Ministries over the past 25 years!

God bless you!

Richard Brunton

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