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Updated 5 Aug 2020

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Bible Studies


2 Corinthians 7

We know how vital relationships are in the body of Christ. In his letters, Paul is full of love for the church, so he is greatly concerned about a substantial challenge in his relationship with the Corinthian church. In this chapter, he explains that his motives for bringing correction are driven by his commitment to them. He also believes that they are committed to him but there is a need for certain issues to be made clear. He has a great desire for things to be right between them.

A Call to Holiness

Paul issues a call for all Christians to seek purity and holiness, particularly since we have been promised so much in Christ.

Paul's Heart

Paul expresses that his motives have been pure in all that he has said and written. In fact, he has much to thank God for regarding the Corinthians and is in a place of comfort and joy before God concerning them. In Macedonia, he and his companions had faced many obstacles and he talks about outer conflict, as well as inner struggles. He was so encouraged by the coming of Titus, who brought a report which conveyed a comforting sense of the Corinthians' concern for Paul as well as for Titus.

Paul's First Letter

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul spoke strongly concerning reports of immorality and quarreling among the believers. Paul knew that the content of his letter had grieved them, but he does not believe that he had written anything wrong. However, it is likely that his decisive teaching had offended many of them. Nevertheless, Titus' visit had re-affirmed their respect and concern for Paul and demonstrated that there had been repentance and a change of heart towards him.

Godly Sorrow

Paul comments on their godly sorrow. Worldly sorrow grieves and is painful but it has no value and it brings no peace. Godly sorrow produces a genuine change of heart which leads to deliverance and peace. The whole purpose of sharing truth is that those who receive it can realise where their relationships with God and others are wrong and seek to put matters right. This process of godly sorrow, though it can be painful, produces joy and restoration. The lack of it, produces bitterness and separation.


We have already mentioned Titus but we need to see what a thoroughly able and godly man he was. He spoke with authority. He was able to bless the Corinthians and help them understand what Paul was saying and he was also able to bring comfort to Paul. As a human being, Paul had been affected by this dispute and was grateful for the ministry of Titus in speaking up for Paul in this crisis. Paul's faith in Titus to be a faithful and true ambassador, was justified and had resulted in a difficult situation being healed. The Corinthians may have feared that Titus would come with another heavy word, but he handled the situation with wisdom and righteousness and he won their hearts!

Points to Consider:
  1. How can we develop a heart for God and His people? What hinders us from having a good heart?
  2. Are we willing to confront issues, even when we may get a bad reaction?
  3. When necessary, do we exercise godly sorrow and a genuine desire to change or are we only sorry because we have been caught?
  4. Are we willing to admit that there are times when we feel depressed or low or do we feel that we cannot admit to such things?
  5. How would you describe the role of Titus? Is there someone for whom you need to be a 'Titus'?

God bless you!
Richard Brunton

Bible Study: 2 Corinthians 7

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